Discover your self and the world around you in our workshops and retreats.


Our workshops and events help people find connections — to their inner selves, their families, and their community.

For more than 10 years, the Center for Change and Healing has created and led workshops, trainings and retreats around the country. In addition to sharing the things that interest and inspire us, we create and lead workshops targeted to specific interests or audiences by invitation from communities, organizations and educational institutions.

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Walking the Lonely Road: How to be With Yourself in Isolation

Virtual Workshop

A mental health boot camp for the Covid-19 Pandemic and quarantine.

Drawing the Line: Exploring and Experiencing the Archetypes of the Warrior and the Sovereign

Allegan, Michigan

A Depth Psychology personal growth retreat.

Creating Solidarity Through Poetry

CCH Burr Ridge, IL

Workshop on principles of empowerment inspired by the lives of Polish poets.

Heroes and Heroines in Hell: An Archetypal Poetry Workshop on Betrayal

Shelby, Michigan

inspired by the classical work of Dante Alighieri.

Sitting Through the Storm: Anxiety, Frustration and You

CCH Naperville, Illinois

Dithyramb: From a Pained Heart Grows Passion

CCH Naperville, Illinois

A Poetry and Personal Growth Workshop.

Building a Code: Guidance for Emotional and Mental Confusion

CCH Naperville, Illinois

Inspired by the European Medieval chivalric code of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Social Work Healing Groups with Foster Care Youth

Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work

Untying the Knots: Unbinding Oneself from Adolescence and Emerging into Adulthood

CCH Naperville, Illinois

A self and inner work retreat for college aged youth inspired by Scottish Psychologist R.D. Laing.

The Alchemical Fires

CCH Burr Ridge, Illinois

A Depth Psychology workshop on the basics of C.G. Jung’s Alchemy.

on longing

CCH Burr Ridge, Illinois

Depth Psychology vocational workshop, with Jennifer Leigh Selig, PhD., author of Integration: The Psychology and Mythology of Martin Luther King, Jr. and His (Unfinished) Therapy With the Soul of America

Jungian Typology Workshop with Col. Mark grandstaff

CCH Burr Ridge, Illinois 

Workshop on using the Meyers-Briggs Personality Test (MBPTI) and C.G. Jung’s Typology, designed and facilitated by Col. Mark Grandstaff, former White House staff under Gen. Colin Powell

The 8 Functions and 8 Positions of Typology

Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, Dallas, Texas

Training program based on the Meyers-Briggs Personality Test.

Social Work post-grad vocational training & consultation group

CCH Naperville, Illinois

Drum Circle Meditation & Drum Making Workshops

.CCH Naperville, Illinois 

Led by Kevin Kell, a self-trained leathersmith who apprenticed with master drum maker Patrick Pinson of Cedar Mountain Drum, Oregon

Seeing the Unseen

Sedona, Arizona

A Depth Psychology personal growth retreat focused on connecting to the mythic realm through active imagination.

Spirit Ladders, Sacred Trees

Manistee, Michigan

A Depth Psychology personal growth retreat focused on ascending and descending consciousness.

The Eagle Leadership Retreat

Door County, Wisconsin 

A Depth Psychology workshop on working with intuition, mind, body toward change.

The Dragon Within: Questing for a Pearl of Timeless Wisdom

Shelby, Michigan

A Deep Archetypal Psychology retreat focused on the archetypes of the Eastern and Western Dragon imagery as connecting to cultural concepts of truth and wisdom.

sacred imagination

CCH, Naperville, Illinois

A workshop using the arts and creativity as a self-reflection tool.

Beyond Words: A Workshop of Experiencing and Honoring the Archetypal Feminine

Sedona, Arizona & Naperville, Illinois

a Deep Archetypal Psychology experience entering into the teaching of Marion Woodman and the Archetypal Feminine.

These are just a few of workshops CCH creates and leads around the country that help people connect, grow and learn about themselves and the world around them. Contact us to inquire about a workshop or training tailored to the needs of your organization or community.