December 2, 2016


Why Group?

Groups provide a unique experience for people to learn from each other, share and experience empathy and compassion, and gain invaluable feedback and understanding about one’s self and other people.

Group Therapy is in the HERE AND NOW. Each group deals with what occurs in the REAL TIME of the group, not the “there and then,” which is many therapy modalities primary focus. Instead of focusing on past experiences, groups seek to understand what is going on in the moment within and between participants.

Often times we are so isolated. We are so busy. Many of the modalities of therapy focus on the individual. Group therapy offers a unique opportunity to learn about how groups work, how one is and can be in groups, and how one interacts with others in a group. This is extremely relevant to how a person is at work, in their families, and among friends. Group therapy also creates a community that fosters and encourages individuals to change and grow.

Groups Offered:

  • Women’s Group
  • Men’s Group
  • Teen Group
  • Adult Group
  • College & Young Adult Group

Groups are available for people going through life transitions, divorce, or grief and loss. People struggling with issues such as self-harm, anxiety, depression, and anger issues. For teenagers with struggling with school attendance, under performance, college readiness groups are helpful. Groups are key for adults struggling with job satisfaction, life fulfillment, and empty-nesting.