March 3, 2016





About Vanessa Jankowski, LCSW

Vanessa Jankowski Bio PicVanessa has trained with Dubrow and Associates over ten years.  She has been mentored by Kevin Dubrow, L.C.S.W. and continues to receive professional supervision and training.  Vanessa has worked with juvenile offenders, foster care, Emotional Disorder (ED), and other at-risk adolescents in residential treatment facilities, clinics, homes, and schools. Vanessa has a wide range of experience cooperating with medicinal and holistic practitioners who have clients in need of psychological and emotional support. In treating the mind, the body’s healing process can be more effective.

On a community level, Vanessa has organized and co-led annual retreats, workshops, and programs for Beloit College, Corporate Learning Institute, the Village of Niles and Skokie Middle Schools, Niles Teen Center, and Dubrow and Associates. Vanessa was the implementer and director of Horizon Hospice’s youth and family grief group program, Braveheart, where she supervised, coordinated, and led youth and adult grief groups.

Vanessa is trained in crisis intervention and psychotherapy.  As a high ropes and challenge course facilitator, she enjoys working with residential rehabilitation groups, sports teams, teacher groups, college students and staff, and corporate organizations.  She has worked extensively with groups of teenagers and older children on high ropes and challenge courses.

Vanessa’s lifelong love of painting and many art medicines, allows her to reach individuals through creativity and imagery.  Vanessa understands it is important to be healthy of mind and body; she is a student of Yoga and proper nutrition.  Through her studies of sustainable living, she has traveled to Australia and New Zealand to assist and learn the most innovative ways of living in balance with the natural world.  She is a Native American World Flute Player and a captivating storyteller.  Before becoming a clinician, Vanessa spent her time training dressage and showing horses.

About Kyle Jankowski, LCSW

Kyle Jankowski Bio PicKyle is a graduate of The University of Michigan (B.A. Social Work & Criminal Justice), and the University of Chicago-School of Social Service Administration (M.S.W.).  In Flint, Michigan, around Chicago-land and Joliet, he has worked in residential alternative schools (B.D. Schools), as a school social worker in the North Shore region, as a foster care case manager and therapist, a community schools consultant, and a family therapist.

He has designed and led groups, including anger management programs for high schools, foster care youth, teen mothers, special education students (especially with autism spectrum disorders), drug addicted teens, and gang affiliated youth.  Kyle has been working with adolescents and families in a variety of settings since 2000, primarily as a clinical social worker, group leader, swimming coach, music teacher.

His practice is enhanced by his love of music, poetry, travel, mythology and traditional storytelling from around the world, which he uses in sessions with those whom have not had success in traditional therapy.

About Emily J. Fitz, LCSW

Emily J. Fitz Bio PicEmily began group dynamics training with Dubrow & Associates in 2007, which deeply inspired her to work with people. She has experience developing individually tailored treatment plans and providing individual therapy and groups to adolescents facing homelessness, trauma, teen pregnancy, grief and loss, and low self-esteem. She has helped adults and children in the hospital, outpatient, residential, and school settings and greatly enjoys working with families.

When working with people, Emily uses a blend of the Psychodynamic model, DBT, CBT, structural family therapy, and a Jungian approach. She also incorporates teachings from cultures and traditions from around the world such as Zen and Mindfulness.

Emily specializes in helping young adolescents and their families. She guides many teen girls and boys to end self-harm, school refusal, and social struggles. She helps them develop a sense of morals, values, and self worth to reduce their symptoms and improve their quality of life. Emily understands many gifted and intelligent teens who are struggling with emotional and mental issues do not live up to their potential. Through guidance and support, Emily helps these youth live meaningful, fulfilling, and involved lives. Aside from being a psychotherapist,

Emily teaches guitar lessons, has coached swimming, and has volunteered as a mentor for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. She has a deep fascination with the human body and is familiar with the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. She draws on her love of music, art, and storytelling to inspire her practice and connect with individuals from a plethora of backgrounds. She has lived in four countries, and her extensive travel and interest in different cultures has given her a unique perspective on life. Emily understands the mind, body, and heart must work together to create the health of each individual.

About Kevin Kell, LCSW

Kevin Kell Bio Pic

Kevin is a licensed social worker living and practicing in the Chicago land area. Kevin graduated summa cum laude from Lewis & Clark College with a major in Psychology and was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa honors society. Kevin then earned his master of social work from Loyola University Chicago with a concentration in mental health.

Kevin has worked with a wide variety of people from many different social and economic backgrounds. Guided by his studies and extensive additional training, Kevin provides quality individual, family, and group psychotherapy services to adults as well as children and teens. Kevin’s process for treatment integrates his experience living and working in many different cultures and countries. Kevin provides a process for change and growth, and many experience the healing they seek even after finding previous therapies unsuccessful. Change and healing are essential not only on the individual level, but on the societal level as well. Following this understanding, Kevin is also an engaged fundraiser and activist for many issues of social justice.