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Teachings for Life

Check out articles, poems, books, and artwork which changes lives. Change & Healing is dedicated to creating life long learners. Click here for inspiration, wisdom and other lessons for the way.

Therapy & Counseling

We offer teens, adults, families, and couples innovative, effective therapy specializing in difficult situations where previous therapy has not achieved the desired results. Click here for more about our models and treatment.


Using Deep Archetypal Psychology, mentorship helps people improve the quality of life, find vocational/career paths, enrich relationships, and find meaningful fulfilling living. Click here to find more about mentorship for all ages!


Open to therapy and mentorship clients, groups take work to the next level.

Workshops & Events

Open to therapy and mentorship clients, retreats offer experiences to learn about the deepest part of you, the world, and life. Workshops and consultation help professionals develop and learn our styles. Click here for topics and dates!

About Us

The Change & Healing Experience

We are dedicated to helping people heal and learn from the problems they are facing. We not only reduce symptoms but help make changes from the inside out so true change and growth can happen.

Rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, we draw from several psychotherapy models and use books, storytelling, art, and music to help our clients. We use a holistic understanding of our clients so they can find their unique gifts and confidently share them with the world. We guide people to necessary change, growth and development. We inspire passion, boundless energy and humor which serve well working with youth and adult alike.

Our clinical therapists draw on systems and structural approaches, Jungian psychology, Zen and Tao wisdom, the wisdom of indigenous peoples and small group dynamics and processes.

We specialize with groups and with people whose past attempts to change have not worked.


Vanessa Jankowski, LCSW
Vanessa Jankowski, LCSW
Co-Director/ Psychotherapist
Vanessa has worked with juvenile offenders, foster care, Emotional Disorder (ED), and other at-risk adolescents in residential treatment facilities, clinics, homes, and schools. She has a wide range of experience cooperating with medicinal and holistic practitioners who have clients in need of psychological and emotional support. In treating the mind, the body’s healing process… Click my name for more!
Kyle Jankowski, LCSW
Kyle Jankowski, LCSW
Co-Director/ Psychotherapist
Kyle J. Jankowski, L.C.S.W., M.S.W, M.A.D.P., is the co-founder and C.O.O. of The Center for Change and Healing, a Clinical Social Work and Depth-Psychology based psychotherapy and consulting group practice. For over twenty years, Kyle has been working with youth, couples and families, especially specializing in guiding people through major life transitions. …Click my name for more!
Kevin Kell, LCSW
Kevin Kell, LCSW
Kevin has worked with a wide variety of people from many different social and economic backgrounds. Guided by his studies and extensive additional training, Kevin provides quality individual, family, and group psychotherapy services to adults as well as children and teens. Kevin’s process for treatment integrates his experience living and working in many different cultures and countries… Click my name for more!
Katarina Berin, LPC
Katarina Berin, LPC
Licensed Counselor
Katarina cultivates an atmosphere of empathy, calm and intellectually curiosity. She has helped clients who are struggling with mood dysregulation, self-harming behaviors, relationships problems and difficulties in family, work or school contexts. In many cases clients are burdened by adverse childhood experiences, or struggle with generational trauma. Katarina has worked with clients in all life-stages from childhood to post-retirement… Click my name for more!


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